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1 September 30, 2015

1. Olga V. Natolochnaya
The Food Industry as Part of the Resort Infrastructure of Sochi in 1945-1953 years

Food Engineering. Theory and Practice, 2015, Vol.(1), Is. 1, рр. 4-13.
DOI: 10.13187/fetp.2015.1.4CrossRef

The article on the basis of archival documents considers the organization of food industry in the post-war period on the territory of Sochi. There are used the documents of the Federal and local archives of the Russian Federation as the materials, namely the state archive of the Russian Federation, Russian state archive of economy and archival department of Sochi administration. The methodological basis of research were the principles of objectivity and historicism, assuming an unbiased approach to the analysis of the problems, critical attitude to the sources, making judgments as a result of the analysis of set of facts or phenomena in the development context and the historical situation. As a result, the author concluded that in the period of recovery of the economy in Sochi was the expansion of the food industry. Despite the difficulties encountered in implementing the plans, the food industry has increased considerably, which contributed to the further development of the resort.

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2. Aleksandr M. Zaitsev
Food Industry in the Resort City in 1960-1970 years

Food Engineering. Theory and Practice, 2015, Vol.(1), Is. 1, рр. 14-22.
DOI: 10.13187/fetp.2015.1.14CrossRef

The article considers the problems of the food industry of resort city in the 1960s and 1970s years. The main sources for the preparation of the article have become the archival materials of archival department of Sochi administration. The research methods were the principles of objectivity, historicism, systematic, integrated consideration of socio-subjective in the subject of study and the maximum possible neutrality of the relationship of the researcher to interpret and evaluate the factual material. The author came to the conclusion that the disparity between the rate of development of the resort and the network of trade and public catering has increased steadily.

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3. Ivan A. Ermachkov
Food Supply of the Resort City of Sochi in 1985-1991 years

Food Engineering. Theory and Practice, 2015, Vol.(1), Is. 1, рр. 23-31.
DOI: 10.13187/fetp.2015.1.23CrossRef

The article discusses the food supply of Sochi city in the period of perestroika. The attention is paid to the supply problems of all-Union resort on the sunset of the Soviet era. The main materials were the documents of archival department of Sochi administration (Sochi, Russian Federation), and scientific literature on nutrition industry. In the solution of research tasks was used as the general scientific methods (analysis and synthesis, concretization, generalization), and the traditional methods of historical analysis. We used the historical-situational method, which involves the study of historical facts in the context of the epoch being studied in conjunction with the "neighboring" events and facts. In conclusion it is noted that very often the food supply system of Sochi could not cope with the load and gave failures.

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